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    Akash Goyal (Director) Prashant Choubey (Director) Pankaj Kapadia (Director)
    (B.Tech. IIT Delhi) is extremely cool, calm, composed and very organized in Physics & Mathematics teaching having 11 years of experience. Guru of Anuj Mittal (Air 31, JEE ADV. 2014) He has the reputation of “Mr. Perfect ” of Physics & Maths teaching. He renounced government jobs from NHPC & UPSC Engineering Services (AIR 140) just because of his passion towards teaching. (B. Tech. IIT Delhi) A civil engineer chose to build careers of young aspiring minds rather than concrete buildings. His tenure of 11 years as a chemistry teacher has earned his a tag of “Next to God” in Organic Chemistry and Best friend in Physical Chemistry. No wonder he is a “Passout of Super 30” Also associated with RAHMANI-30. Guru of Vaibhav Kumar (AIR-22, IIT-JEE 2009). (B.Tech. IIT Delhi) is young dynamic and passionate about teaching Physical Chemistry and Mathematics. He is famous for enthusing lot of motivation among the students through his unmatchable commitment and unique methodology having 11 years of exp. Guru of Shardul Tripathi (AIR 48, JEE ADV. 2014) Vaibhav Krishan (AIR 22, IIT-JEE 2009).

    You Guardian at IITian’s TAPASYA
    Ritesh Singh
    (Assistant Director)
    M.Sc. Chemistry,
    Chemistry & Biology in Graduation Having 12 yrs. Experience in Institute and Academic Mathematics for JEE & MEDICAL
    All the faculty members are well qualified, sincere and dedicated who left their corporate jobs to follow their passion for teaching. The best part of this team is their coordination since they know each other for a long time. They have only one aim “To provide the best possible quality education in Bihar itself”. We all know that Bihar is full of talented Students but there are only few result in IIT-JEE/MEDICAL, due to lack of quality teaching required to crack IIT-JEE/MEDICAL. Student migrate to other part of the country to fulfill their dream but there also they don’t get parental care leading to undesired result. Now our Team is here in Bihar which guided Top All India Ranks including 22, 31, 48, 177, 308, 383, 625 in JEE and 259 & 274 in AIIMS and many more. We don’t teach we help you to learn. We are not just limiting our interaction within the class only but outside the class also in form of discussion, doubt solving, counseling, motivation. For Guardians we assure you that your child’s future is in safe hand at IITian’s TAPASYA.


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